Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition - Fast, safely, upgrade your hard disk, backup your disk or partition. Free bootable CD to clone your entire hard disk, backup or restore your hard disk on off-line easy and safely. Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition may be used for backups, hard disk upgrades or disk duplication purposes. Your hard disk is full, you need to upgrade to a new hard disk? You think you are facing a large re-installation project which is likely to take several days of tedious work. With Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition, Clone/copy entire disk including Windows, programs, files and personal settings to a new disk/partition in several clicks. Never need to reinstall Windows and programs. Need to backup your System safely? With Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition, your can backup your entire system or disk to image files safely on off-line, or clone your entire disk to another for backup. Main feathers of Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone Home Edition: Live Boot CD or USB disk. Upgrade, Clone disk/Partition. Backup and Restore. Create, format, delete partition. Wipe Disk or Partition. New Features: * Redesigned backup file format and backup engine to speed up backup process and reduce size of backup image files * Added function to check backup image * Support building bootable DVD * Added options to special WinPE version and type while building boot disk * Added options to special custom drivers while building boot disk * Support single or multiple partitions to back up or restore in a session * Enhanced disk clone * Prevent Windows operating system from going to sleep or hibernating during long tasks * Minor bug fixes.