Omnistar Kbase software provides you with all the tools to help you reduce your customer support by about 70%. Our software will allow you to create a vibrant, searchable knowledgebase of information that can become a storehouse of useful information for your customers and an help take your support efforts to the next level: * Provide FAQs to Answer Common Questions - Many of your customers and potential customers will probably have the same basic questions about your product and services, so consolidating these in a FAQ list can be a great benefit. * Customers can Intuitively Search For Answers - The Omnistar Kbase software will allow you to categorize your articles so that your customers can easily get to the answers they are looking for by doing a category or keyword search. * Provide Useful Information to Internal Staff - You will also be able to create a separate internal knowledgebase for your staff which they can access using a username and password. This internal knowledgebase is secure and only available to your internal staff. * Customize Information based on Feedback - In order to provide your client base with accurate timely information, the Omnistar Kbase has a comment / rating feature that will alllow your clients to comment on articles. This feedback will help you to determine what types of information should be displayed. * Manage Your Knowledgbase Size by Archiving - Over time your knowledgebase will grow, so in order to efficiently manage the content, it is best to archive older articles and information. Through archiving you can easily select what information is no longer relevant and remove it from the users view without totally deleting it.