pdfsam basic is a simple tool designed to split and merge pdf files. It?s very simple, stable and completely free. It should cover most of your needs. With it?s simple and intuitive interface you can: * split your pdf documents (into chapters, single pages, etc.). * merge many pdf documents or subsections of them. * extract sections of your document into a single pdf document. * mix alternate pages taken from two pdf documents in straight or reverse order into a single document. * rotate pages of the selected pdf documents. * visually reorder pages of a selected pdf document. * visually compose a document dragging pages from selected pdf documents. * save and load your environment to automatize your recurrent jobs. * manage pdfsam settings and set an environment to load at start up. Basic version is very simple and stable. It?s completely free and it covers most of your needs. Enhanced version is open source and has more features than the basic version. It?s ?almost? free, you can download the source code, compile and use it or, if you think it?s worth it, you can make a donation. Enhanced version has no fixed price.. The source code is available for download therefore you can compile it and use it. With a single donation of any amount (1$, 10$, 100$? as much as you wish) you?ll gain unlimited access to compiled code, win32 installer plus the access to the support forums and to the features request section. To download the enhanced version you need to have a forum account and just click the "Buy" link and donate at least $1 or 1 Euro.