Let's face it, unless you're part accountant, or were in a past life, managing money really isn't all that fun. Having money, and having fun using money to do cool things is what we all really want to be doing. With all the negative talk today about recessions, bail-outs, foreclosures and layoffs, even if you're in a stable financial situation, you've no doubt wondered if there isn't more you could be doing. The Ultimate Debt Manager ?was developed specifically to help those who find money management difficult, boring or who really just don't want to spend hours on it. Following it's simple recommendations, you'll know where to best use any excess cash you might have from your income. Even if you have low, or heaven forbid no income, it'll offer some recommendations on what debts to payoff at what rate.  Thankfully, The Ultimate Debt Manager is there to take care of the details and only requires you to enter information you already know about your finances. Some of the scenarios supported include: - Adjustable rate mortgages - Credit card cash advances - Credit card promotional offers - Expenses charged on credit cards and their impact on credit card pay downs - An understanding that people paid weekly and every two weeks will have months with different incomes - When not to pay down a given debt -Debt pay down prioritization With The Ultimate Debt Manager you have the ability to play out scenarios. Some of the more powerful scenarios include: - What is the impact of refinancing on a mortgage or car loan? - What will taking a promotional credit card offer mean to your finances? - Determine exactly how much you can afford for one time or periodic large expenses like vacations - Should you pay a given expense on your credit card, or use cash?