Emailsmartz Email Manager is an excellent software that very well manages the mailing lists. The mailing list management software can be used to collect unsubscribed users' email ids, sort mailing lists, merges these lists and removes the duplicate email addresses automatically. The Mailing List Manager easily manages the newsletter subscriptions. The features of the software are : 1. The powerful Email Manager manages and sorts email list on the basis of the email ids and domain names as specified. 2. You can easily merge two different lists into one without any duplicates. Usually, when different mailing lists are merged, many duplicate entries appear in the list. This is completely taken care of by the Email Manager. 3. The software can also be used to extract a huge number of email addresses of the unsubscribed users for newsletter marketing or advertising campaigns. 4. A separate list of unsubscribed users is created in bulk Email Newsletter Sender for easy integration. This makes it easy for you to filter the mailing lists between old and unsubscribed users. The payment gateway is hosted on secure Https server. Your credit card and billing information is completely taken care of by Emailsmartz and is 100% secure. The privacy policy of Emailsmartz states that any kind of personal details shared by you is kept secure and is not used by any means in any other way as laid down in the policy.