miTracker is laptop tracking and theft recovery software with remote control and local protection features. It has two tier protections in laptop and data stored in it. When you find your laptop is lost or stolen, miTracker can locate the stolen laptop with WIFI and IPA positioning algorithms in shockingly accuracy, give law enforcement a leg up in recovering your laptop. Its remote deletion feature can allow you to shred any files such as documents, videos, photos, etc. from stolen laptop remotely so that protecting your confidential information. Its remote lockdown feature can allow you to lock the computer remotely to prevent unauthorized log in and you can write a message and display it on your screen. Something like, ?Oops, left my laptop behind. Please call me at 408-512-0238.? miTracker has a second tier protection with local features that most of competitors don?t have. File encryption uses military standard AES encryption algorithm, nobody in the world can break up the files which are encrypted by miTracker. File shredder uses military-grade shredding algorithms and it can wipe your unwanted files permanently that nobody can recover the deleted files.