Flash Online eBook Creator is a freeware for creating online eBook from text files. You just need import text file to this eBook software and convert it with HTML format after designing. Then you will get a flash online eBook if you published it online. What a flash online eBook can do for you? One is for fun and another reason is for share. For example, you can type your scheme, your creation, your plan, your article and more other thoughts to a text file, but it's so dismal if you send a text without anything to your friends, boss, customers or other people. in this occasion, you can change your dull text file with funny layout. Just convert it into a flash eBook and published online to share with others. If you have no condition to support you publishing eBook online, you can send via an email as well. No doubt that a flash book will be more attractive than a text file. What the feature of the Free Flash Online eBook Creator? Main feature: convert text to flash online eBook with page turning effects. Additions: Set background for your flash eBook, you can add image, add flash, or just simple color as background. This is a good way to vivid your flash book. Set background music to rich your flipbook content. Four templates to choose to fit your designing need. Each template is different from others. More detailed settings: page shadow, book proportions, tool bar ? Share button, thumbnail button, print button and more other function buttons are displayed in the flash book tool bar for convenient using. Then you can add second item, third item and more with the same steps.