This is a simple banner rotator XML driven, easy to use and customize. It supports images and animated SWFs and a .html formatted description. XML Features:- total width and total height;- blur x and y and blur quality for slide transition;- slide animation time and slide animation type for slide transition;- description blur x and y and blur quality for the description;- IMPORTANT: for each slide you can choose the time for it to be displayed. IE: first slide stays 3 seconds, the next one stays 10 seconds, the next 1 sec and so on. This can be modified altering the "stay" variable from the .xml file;- the description is HTML formatted and it will support most common HTML tags and it will properly resize;- the image or SWF address, the URL and the target. For the moment, each pressed slide will launch an URL, but I have pointed out the function where you need to input your code to either target a frame or label or to execute a certain function in your project.This package also contains a video-tutorial !