Clone Remover is a professional program in the field of search and removal of duplicate files. The program works with file copies ' it finds, allocates and deletes them from the PC. It is simple to find duplicate photo files by means of the duplicate utility. The work passes in the program in some stages. At the first stage it will be offered to user to choose from what to begin work in the duplicate utility. As a rule, the option of duplicate search is chosen that is no wonder, after all it is the primary goal of the program. The second stage. During it the user chooses criteria according to which the search will be spent. For example to find duplicate photo files you should solve what criteria should be used for duplicate search, among what files the duplicate search will be spent, in what location, etc. It is natural, that the decision of these interrogations will demand from you the understanding that you want from duplicate utility, what problems solve, what problems you have faced on the computer. During the decision of the second stage you are required to define what location to use for duplicate search. In Clone Remover to find duplicate photo files there are some variants of such location. They are, for example, folders, disks, network disks, i-Tunes, as well as archives. It is necessary to tell that the last three types are an innovation in the program: as a rule, in similar programs as a search location folders and disks are only used. The third stage. During this stage it is recommended to choose which duplicates you-re going to remove, as well as to choose the action you-re going to carry out ' for example, to remove duplicates or to move them to a separate folder. Program Clone Remover solves your problems easily and simply.