WebXone is an excellent rapid development platform for Web applications based on RIA development thinking and COM component technologies. It is designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises quickly establish Web-based applications so as to save development costs, shorten development time and quickly adapt to market changes. With WebXone, You can get your Web applications by delphi/c++builder/VC right now! Main features * Use Delphi completely to develop Web applications, compatible with most VCL controls; quickly set up browser/server applications using Delphi/VC/C++ Builder * Quickly turn C/S applications into B/S applications * Create highly efficient Web applications! * Support the 3D engines OpenGL and DirectX! * Simple and effective application interface, easy to debug and deploy! Latest updates * Uses smart loading technology which significantly improves the speed of loading since the second time * Uses pre-compression technology which increases the speed of the first load by 200% to 500% (compared to V1.1) * Now one module (*. wxo) can have multiple attachments * Supports automatic loading mode and manual loading mode for attachments, which can be used to load large projects in batches as necessary * Supports sharing attachment(s) by multiple modules (*.wxo) so as to support BPL- or DLL-based modular structure * Added WxoDebuger, a module debugging tool for debugging applications in a local, off-network environment Free use policy 1. Use of a wxo only (so with no attachment) in an application is free 2. Use of a wxo with no more than 5 attachments in a wxo application is free Development support 1. Development languages: Delphi, VC and C++ Builder 2. Server operating systems: Windows, Linux 3. Server software: IIS, Apache and various other server programs