goShort URL Clone Script. goShort Clone Script is Much More Than Just a URL Shortner. This is a Script for Your Own Link Directory, member Site and ?Top 10, 25 or 50? Link Charts. Far Too Many Features and Benefits To List In The Headline. Everyone will find a use for goShort Clone Script! Internet Marketers: create powerful links with pre-selling videos or reviews Internet Marketers: create directories of all the affiliate offers you promote Affiliate marketers: create links with high impact product review videos. For example, if you are promoting a product on Amazon you could have a video demonstrating the product or reading out some of the reviews. Endless possibilities Online Training: send people to your application or website and have an FAQ or welcome video load first?.all without modifying your own website. In fact, you can add a video or image Membership sites: include information on your membership or special offers you may be running Opt-in forms: add an opt-in form in the popover area, ask people for opt-ins no matter where you send them Popularity sites: create a top 10 (or whatever you choose) list of the ?best IM products? or the ?best wordpress plugins? and watch the stats grow as they order by popularity. These top 10 lists are very popular. Run your own link service: install the script and let other people create their own links via your system?.and your branding (defined in the admin area) will appear in the popover as well. This can be anything: image, opt-in form?.whatever you decide. Offline marketers: offer your clients the service of having a special offer video appear on their website, without having to do any changes to their site. You just create their campaign and provide them with a link. This is a very high potential use for the product. You can even install it on client sites under the developer license. Loads more uses! These are just some basic ideas of the top of my head, the uses for this are limitless.