Manage your budget easily, using tables and charts. You can create analytical and rundown reports based on your budget, enter all income and expenses daily, and watch the course of your budget through time. More specifically, you can: - Enter all income and expense at a daily basis. - Create analytical and rundown reports based on the transactions. - Watch diachronically the course of income and expense. The program for it's analytical and rundown reports, uses many tables and charts. All the results can be printed, or exported to other programs like Excel, Word, Frontpage etc. The basic logic of the program is the use of a double entry system for observations of the account "cash". This means that continually the balance of that account, or what cash you have, is shown and must match what you have in reality, at that moment. Practically this means the accurate monitoring of your income and expense using a double-entry system, but very simplified for the common user.