We need urgently to share photos, images or any other file? Loady.in program will help you, you just drag the file to the form and pressing the Download button next steps will execute the program, after you get a ready reference to the file and it will be able to share. All features are: Quick download of files with one click. Drag a file to shape the program or click through the dialog box and click Download. Preview images and pictures before uploading. After selecting the pictures, it will be displayed in a separate part of the window. Download the screenshot. Take a screenshot and upload to the server, you will get the link to the file, and which can share. Load the selection screen. Click the "Capture" and select the desired area of ??the screen, then the resulting image can be sent to the server and get a link to the file. Automatic loading of the operating system. The program can be added to the startup, Loady.in will be loaded in a minimized form. Minimizing to the tray. Program can be minimized to the tray and cause only when needed. Now, just to share the file!