As a rule, you can increase disk space in different ways. For example, to buy a new disk, to remove many big and small files. And you can optimize disk space having analyzed its structure, having defined the basic points of growth and development. For this purpose the special software like Directory Size will be needed for you. To make more disk space is easy and simple if to take advantage of possibilities of Directory Size. The program works by the principle of windows structurally organized, and the change of works in which is carried out clockwise. Let's consider the principle of program work in more details. Directory Size works from one window to another. In practice it means that performance of one function (task) which one window solves automatically allows to solve the following circle of problems in a new window if to move clockwise. For example, it is necessary for you to load a directory to make more disk space to analyze its maintenance. For this purpose you need to get to the top left window in which you can receive primary representation about a current condition of the loaded directory. In this window you can look what folders the studied directory (a folder or a disk) consists of, what their size in megabytes. If you want to know in more details about a directory condition (to increase disk space), you should go to the next window (on the right) in which you can learn also what files are included in directory structure, their size, a percentage share and many other things. Besides, in this window you can spend additional processing of the information, sort and filter the data obtained on the basis of the analysis. In a separate program window you can spend visualization of the received data. In this window you can build special pies and bars.