Virtual Image Organizer - Get your pictures from Digital Camera quickly, with fast renaming and re-organizing function, based on image Exif data If you want TO rename and organize your photos quickly and comfortably, this software is THE MOST USEFUL for you. Virtual Image Organizer is lightweight and extremely easy to use. It's software enables you to rename all of your image files based on their EXIF information. Virtual Image Organizer also includes an Image Organizer agent, wich WILL automatically detect new usb volumes and drives, and you get a BALOON-Notification. This opens a wizard box that will take you though the process, only by clicking it. With this feature you can import files with an external drive (eg. Digital Camera). The software also includes a nice Exif Filter feature. You can filter images by using EXIF informations (eg. Camera Model, ISO Speed Rating, F-Number...) Software features: -Fast picture renaming based Exif data -Support of all Exif data( date picture taken, year, month, week, day, hour, second, size of photo, camera model, camera manufacturer, exposure, aperture, original filename, description, place, keywords, and many more) -Image Organizer Agent wich automatically detect new USB drives and show information from this by a balloon hint. -Easy definition of rules for renaming via filename mask (%y-year, %m-month, %c-camera model...) -Processing of multiple directories including sub directories -Export of Exif data as xml -Integrated source folder details page with exif and fast thumbnail viewer -Handles thousand of pictures just few seconds -Free support via email -Low price