This tool is capable enough to detect duplicate emails and other data items simultaneously from multiple email folders. This simply means that this tool can detect duplicates from multiple folders at the same time. This stupendous tool is devised to reduce the PST size to a great extent as it has the ability to remove duplicate messages, contacts and other similar data items from a user?s mailbox. Also, you can detect the duplicate data items in the selected folders for a pre-defined time period. Apart from this, you also have the options such as duplicate data items detection for ?latest 1 week?, etc. or you can manually select the time range for detecting the duplicate emails and other data items. Moreover, this tool takes into consideration the following as a criterion for detecting and removing duplicates: similar text, subject, sender email, sender name, receiver name, internet header, date and time of sending, Free demo version of Kernel for Outlook Duplicates is available for a trial period of 30 days. You can avail the free demo version to remove 10 duplicate data items from each folder. However, in order to remove all duplicate data items, you need to purchase the complete version of the tool.