Great KeyLogger is an advanced application designed to monitor and record all activities on your pc. Great Keylogger is specialized software used to log all keystrokes of your keyboard, screenshot during every event, sent and received e-mails, passwords, chatting record, all applications opened, all visited sites and many more. Keylogger begins on its own when computer system starts and monitors all kinds of searches which have been opened. Great Keylogger is invisible utility and not displayed anywhere in your PC, neither in task bar, nor in Add/Remove programs. Keylogger provide feature to take snapshots every few seconds or on each mouse click similarly as surveillance camera. Great Keylogger is a powerful tool cultivated to record every event and function like Microphone sounds, video chats, entered passwords, visiting sites etc. Keylogger sets the limitation on particular web sites and applications so that no one can access selected sites. Keylogger is effective tool allows to track all actions from every computer user and automatically deliver records to desire e-mail/FTP account. Keylogger offers options to surf, remove, test, sort and sieve log files. Keylogger is compatible with HTML and plaintext detailed reports. Features of Great Keylogger: ? Monitors all key strokes, sent and received e mails, chat conversations etc. ? Log all applications and web sites that have been launched ? Hidden software not shown in task bar, add/remove programs and at other places. ? Take screenshots at every second or on each mouse click. ? Restrict particular websites or applications to be accessed by users. ? Provide surfing, deleting, testing, sorting and capturing log files. ? Supports HTML reports and record Microphone sounds. ? Upload log records to wanted e-mail or FTP account. ? Compatible with Windows XP, ME, Vista, NT, 7, 2003 etc. ? Checks windows clipboard for alterations. ? Easy to use and cost effective program.