Depreciation 4562 is an extremely efficient way to calculate Federal Tax Depreciation. Form 4562 is computed with a minimum amount of input. This is an idea tool for a tax professional, CPA, or anyone needing to complete tax depreciation. Asset data information is retained in a database for use in preparing future tax returns. An unlimited number of Companies or Clients can be maintained. Depreciation 4562 was created for the tax preparer that needs to do federal tax reporting, but does not need the expense and complexity that most depreciation application have. All depreciation and amortization methods required for federal tax reporting is included in an easy to use format. Extensive On-Line Help details methods and tax requirements. Some of the features of Depreciation 4562 Computes and prints Form 4562. Calculates Luxury Automobile Depreciation. Tracks Section 179 deductions and limits. Determines the 30 or 50 percent Special Depreciation Bonus. Checks to see if mid quarter convention is required. Nine comprehensive reports are provided. Easy customization of asset classes simplifies asset input. New maximum automobile amounts can be input to stay current with changing tax regulations. A formal depreciation schedule can be printed. Half-year, mid-quarter, and mid-month conventions are provided. Depreciation is generated using IRS tax tables. The following depreciation methods are supported ADS Amortization MACRS - 200 DB MACRS - 150 DB MACRS - Straight-Line Straight - Line