Change is not your enemy it's your opportunity! User switch from groupwise to outlook because of many reason, first and foremost if user changing its organization or you can say that switch from groupwise to outlook exchange environment for that purpose user need to import Novell GroupWise to outlook pst all important mail, task, journals and migrate GroupWise address book to outlook etc into Outlook with one and only tool that is export groupwise. Secondly, groupwise environment is very costly and hard to understand than simple but very effective outlook exchange server. Thirdly, firm need to provide extra tutorial program for employee to learn GroupWise environment, time and money waste. User got unlimited feature when you switch from groupwise to outlook, during conversion from groupwise to outlook, you find feature like proxy server, that is only with Export GroupWise software, to convert GroupWise to outlook or to import Novell GroupWise to outlook pst user can user proxy server that migrate bundle of mails or selective emails in fraction seconds. Go for trail process, entire database switch from groupwise to outlook in free of cost, 5 items per folder switch from groupwise to outlook. If you like the demo version, get full fledge process at very affordable price at $299. For more info-