MDB file can also get corrupt if there is an error in the network hardware like routers, network interface cards. An additional reason for MDB/ACCDB file corruption includes opening and saving the file in a different program. If you make the fault of opening and saving the MDB file in a different program it is almost sure that the file will go corrupt or damaged, making it impossible to recover unless taken aid from external third party tool. To resolve all these problems of MS access database, a powerful tool have been launched. It repair mdb file in an efficient way, it is embedded with two modes of access database recovery that are known as standard and template mode. The standard mode is meant for recovering data from less or minor corrupted .mdb and .accdb files while as template mode is applied when there is severe corruption in MS access database. Both options of this program save the recovered record in the new access database files. The tool uses the live preview and displaying the recovered database on the computer screen. All versions of MS access are fully supported by this software. For more information please visit