DVD to Apple TV Converter is powerful, easy-to-use DVD to Apple TV Converter software which helps you convert DVD to Apple TV video MP4, MPEG-4, Apple TV audio MP3, AAC, WAV and put DVD on Apple TV with super fast speed and perfect quality! You can get adjustable quality to put DVD on Apple TV and enjoy on your widescreen TV television. Key features: 1. Support converting DVD to Apple TV by custom file size with Bitrate Calculator. 2. Sound normalization. It can normalize sound levels of DVD. 3. Allow you to select target subtitle, audio track and zoom method of output file to fit your television's aspect. 4. Support previewing the input files before conversion and taking snapshots when previewing. 5. Run Background and After Ripping Done options to make performance more efficient. 6. So easy to use that only a few clicks are enough to convert DVD to Apple TV video. 7. Auto-detect your CPU. Best DVD to Apple TV converting speed. 8. All encoders and decoders are built-in. 9. Adjustable output settings, such as, concurrently setting divers output profiles from one source. It's suitable for veterans as well. 10. Retrieve software updates automatically or manually. 11. Support 5.1 channel surround sound system. 12. Control the number of processed cores at any time during conversion. 13. CBR/VBR output format can be selected freely for certain profiles. 14. Easily control volume while previewing the DVD-video. The company focuses on the user experience all along, offering the most easy-to-use software and consummate service.