Male Menopause Symptoms. Aging is simply a fact of life; however, the process of aging affects some of us more than others. In some men, everything from their mental clarity to their libido may suffer as they grow old. Many of these men may in fact be suffering from andropause, which is a very common problem ? though most men who are affected are unaware of its existence. As the name suggests, it?s a process which is analogous to menopause. Men tend to retain their reproductive capabilities much later into their lives than women, but both sexes go through a lot of changes as they age. However, menopause is something which happens to every woman while andropause is not a universal phenomenon. Men do however experience a decline in their testosterone production of roughly 10% every decade after reaching the age of thirty. Some men may never even notice the effects of this, while it makes an enormous difference to others. Libido is probably the first thing you think of when testosterone is mentioned, but this hormone does far more than regulate the sex drive. In fact, your level of testosterone affects almost every part of your physical and mental health; it?s no wonder why a drop in testosterone levels makes such a difference to many men.