Increasing patient volume can be challenging, especially if you concentrate only on getting an increase in new patients. There are many factors responsible for getting increased patient volume. Most of the time doctors forget their old patients and remember them only when they are not able to get new patients or their strategies to increase patient volume stop helping them. They forget that patient recall is very important factor in order to get increase patient volume. Brevium is the best solution for the doctors who lost their old patients because of either wrong patient recall techniques or no patient recalls. Brevium helps doctors increase patient volume by bringing lost patients back. How it brings the lost patients back? Brevium focuses on specific goals for each doctor and gives him the desired results. An established doctor might want only surgical candidates or high-risk patients, while other doctors merely want their schedules packed. They can get Brevium installed in order to get the results they want. ? Brevium automatically explores every patient's history to recognize lost patients. ? It analyzes overlooked recalls to locate patients who missed or never scheduled an appointment after getting a souvenir. ? It always keeps your contact list complete and current. ? Everything you need to increase patient volume, Brevium provides on one screen. These things include: ? Patient demographics ? Overdue conditions, with due date, doctor, and location ? Appointment history, with service date, doctor, location, and note ? Guarantor (when other than patient) ? Insurance carriers ? Referring physician ? Contact history ? Alerts and patient notes Call up at 801-789-3000 or visit to schedule an online demo.