Free digital page flipping software we design is a completely free application. It is used for transferring text files to flash flip book with real page flipping effects. As we live in an age of technology, everything around use is highly mechanical and efficient. Computer is the best way to maintaining records and keeps up with the pace of the time. The text file we have ever used before is too monotonous to read. And transfer it into flash book is a good way to make more benefits. What's more, digital page flipping software is not only used by online magazine publishers, but also popular among ads, supermarkets, and online stores. The software we provide may not be as professional as the one which is charged in high price, it is just a practical one for you. As it is free and easy to use, so we consider that it should be helpful. You can just download and have a try. Key Features: 1. Show or hide buttons on the toolbar; 2. Insert background images; 3. Define the flash window color; 4. Add a book title on the top; 5. Import free theme; 6. Share the book on Facebook, twitter, etc; 7. Add bookmark on the page; 8. Embed a Google ID; 9. Make a mobile version flash book for mobile devices users; 10. Upload the publications online.