Stellar Phoenix Access Password Recovery is quick, secure, and efficient utility to recover the password of your MS Access database. This professional tool retrieves the lost or forgotten passwords of MDB or ACCDB files created with MS Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 97. The tool ensures 100% success rate as it uses ‘Brute Force Attack’ mechanism. If you have forgotten the location of your Access database file, then you can search it in your system with search option of the tool. In this way, this feature saves considerable amount of time as you need not to browse to each and every folder of your system to search your file. In addition to these features, some other efficient features of this software are ‘Masking’ technique, option to set ‘Length’ of the password, and option to filter ‘Character Set’. The making technique works well when you have forgotten certain characters of the password as you can mask all unknown characters with ‘?’ sign. If you remember the length of your password, then you can specify it through set password length option. By setting the minimum and maximum length, you again reduce the password search time as the tool only searches the password within this range. In the character set option of the software, you can define the character set to be used for password search process. Therefore, with these options of the software, you can achieve the result in best possible time. You can also save the recovered Access password in text file. To analyze the features and functionalities of the software, you can download its free demo version. The demo version of the software recovers only first three characters of the password. To recover complete password, you have purchase the license of the software. The software provides two licenses, which are Single User License and Technician License. These licenses are for home user and data recovery service providers respectively.