JPG to PDF Pro converter is a program, which converts JPG and other images into PDF files. It is intended for all computer users from beginners to computer pros. If you want to share your photos from your digital camera you are faced with a problem: today's cameras make photos that are huge in size. It takes long to send by e-mail or upload to your website and even longer if you want to share many images at once. Why not create a photo album instead? With JPG to PDF Pro you simply select all the pictures you want to include, hit the convert button and you have a nicely converted PDF file, which includes all your photos and images. It is so easy to use, it will take you as little as three mouse clicks to go from image selection to your finished personal photo album. But JPG to PDF Pro does more: you can add a title and description to each photo. Comment your images, put in funny lines, or tell your friends and loved ones about the greatest moments in your life. JPG to PDF Pro also can work as your ebook creator. Simply add your scanned images and click the convert button - and it creates an ebook for you. How fast is it? Extremely fast. JPG to PDF Pro can convert hundreds of images and photos in just a few seconds. If you want more control JPG to PDF Pro allows you just that. Although the default settings of JPG to PDF Pro work like a charm, the program allows you also to tweak and fine tune how the pictures are arranged on the page, exactly the way you want it. JPG to PDF Pro allows you even to encrypt the PDF file with a password. Like that only the people you allow to can view the images stored in the PDF file. What if you want an overview over your images? With JPG to PDF Pro you can place up to 25 photos on a single page and create a thumbnail gallery to flip quickly through hundreds of images. Great to have as a file and even greater to print out.