What do you get? Working with the program, you get personal horoscope, which represents a figured description of forces and influences following you during your lifetime. The horoscope gives recommendations about the aspects to pay a special attention, how to behave in order to reach maximum harmony right now and during your life in general. There is no need in special knowledge to read the horoscope. The horoscope includes: 1. Pre Heaven Hexagram and its description for the first half of life; 2. Later Heaven Hexagram and its description for the second half of life; 3. Yearly Horoscope is a series of hexagrams describing every year of life severally; 4. Daily Horoscope is a series of hexagrams describing every day in a chosen year; Yearly and Daily Horoscope are based on the conception traditional for Chinese culture – on so-called daily and annual cycles. The program is easy and comfortable to use. The program includes several translations of comments to hexagrams, which will allow you to understand and analyze them better. The program has a huge database of coordinates of cities from all over the world, so you will not have to look for coordinates of your place of birth in other sources. A very comfortable user interface will allow you to “play” a little bit with casting horoscopes if you want. It helps to cast unlimited number of horoscopes for any one and any thing. If you are a beginner in I Ching, the program contains help and explanations of comments to hexagrams. Four Pillars Of Wisdom will allow you to make your travel around the world of I Ching easy and enjoyable!