Travel expense calculation and reporting for Germany 2014 including the new standard rates in Euro. With Euro-Reisekosten you save precious time and take advantage of all tax options for your travel expense reporting. Wether self-employed or employed, wether using company car or your private car, wether calculating with official or individual standard rates, with Euro-Reisekosten you create a detailed report within just a couple of minutes. Work is very easy with Euro-Reiskosten. The user is navigated through the dialogs step by step keeping him always on the right track. Each dialog comes with a detailed help file including guidelines for using the program and explanations on tax rules regarding travel expenses. Even untrained computer users quickly mangage to create correct travel expense reports. Different reports with details of your trip are available for printing: Travel Expense Balance, Travel Expense Report, Report On Payments In Kind, Vehicle Report, List Of Receipts, Booking List and Monthly and Yearly Travel Expense Report. Access for multiple users through a network is possible. Data exchange with other users of the program by email is supported, e.g. from a sales representative to the accounting office.