Amazing Web server monitor software facilitates users to effectively create and manage several profiles for measuring website behavior on WWW. Website downtime analyzer program smoothly works with all major HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTPS accounts. Web server monitor software continuously watches your website accessibility and sends problem notifications when website goes down, not responding etc. Website performance tracker application evaluates how your website performs on browser request and notifies you when URL shows any improper behavior. Web server monitor software offers users to easily move control from main monitoring form to highly developed monitoring form for evaluating website current status. Sever downtime tracking application is fully capable to monitor numerous website simultaneously and informs you when any interruption appears. Web server monitor software report users about their website performance by sending emails, SMS, sound beep, run program etc. Website performance analyzer tool sends error reports when your website not responding, page loading error, host not found and other similar reasons arises. Web server monitor software successfully manages all your password protected web servers and provide detailed information about URL performance. Web server uptime observer application provides magnificent GUI that helps technical and non technical users to operate software in easiest and simplest way. Web server monitor software provides full installation support on all advanced versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Vista, 7. Software features: * URL observer application tracks and detects website availability with acceptable response time. * Web server monitor software tracks website performance on internet. * Website traffic analyzer utility sends alert messages when any server error occurs. * Web server monitor software helps you to increase your websites accessibility.