Easy to use photo manipulation software for business or pleasure. Windows software program that "quick starts" anyone who loves photo manipulation from hobbyist to professional. Launch your own instant on-site photo manipulation business. If you don't want the cost and difficulty of high-end tools like Adobe Photo Shop software, you will love this streamlined tool. The software allows you to place any object and elements of other photos into backgrounds in seconds. Simple, yet sophisticated enough to use as a business opportunity that can pay for itself many times over after one single event! Charge a fee for your services at any special event, party, trade show, and wedding or as a service. Picture Me Photo Manipulation software allows you to load a background picture, then load photos of heads, entire bodies, or other objects to paste onto this pictures. Objects can be easily enlarged or shrunk, rotated by any angle (not just the standard 90 degree increments), and moved around the background picture. Final pictures can be printed, saved to a file, and emailed automatically. Email addresses are recorded automatically to create a subscriber list. The demo mode lets you print, save, and email images created with the default images, or load and manipulate (but not save or print) your own images. Purchase print/save/email operations at 5 for $9.99, 50 for $49.99, or unlimited for $99.99.