Ideal weight calculator calculates the perfect weight for a medium frame body when the height is entered, the gender is centered and the "calculates ideal weight" button is clicked. This ideal weight calculator works for any man or woman 4'8" tall or taller. Of course, the ideal weight which is calculated as the average ideal weight. Allowances have to be made for muscle mass and bone structure size. However, the calculations coincide with those standards that are set by life insurance companies. With this calculator decimals of inches can be calculated but not fractions. In other words, you cannot enter 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch but you may enter .25 inches or .5 inches. This calculator is brought to you by the website symptoms of hypertension dot net. Since blood pressure is greatly affected by weight, this calculator is very helpful for those needing to find their ideal weight and thereby better their chances of having normal blood pressure.