Stellar Phoenix Excel password Recovery is quick, easy, and efficient utility to recover lost or forgotten passwords of MS Excel workbooks. You can recover both the passwords applied to the .xls file – ‘to Open’ and ‘to Modify’. To ensure successful password recovery of your MS Excel sheets, this tool uses ‘Brute Force Attack’ mechanism. To reduce the time taken by the ‘Brute Force’ mechanism, you can apply various masking techniques. Through masking, you can substitute an unknown character in the password with ‘?’ as well as specify all the known characters. Additionally, this tool supports recovery of passwords applied on MS Excel 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. With all these features, this software facilitates various other result oriented features for risk free and fast recovery of your Excel password. One such feature is option to specify maximum and minimum length of Excel password. This feature limits the searching criteria and reduces the overall time taken by the tool to recover the password. With ‘Filter Character Set’ feature of the software, you can define character set, such as ‘a-z’, ‘A-Z’, ‘0-9’, ‘All Printable’, ‘Space’, and ‘Special Characters’. The ‘Filter Character Set’ option of the software ensures optimum result in the shortest possible time as the tool considers only specified character set during the password recovery process. The ‘Dynamic Process Dialog Box’ shows you the status of Excel Password Recovery process by showing the ‘Process Start Time’, ‘Expected Completion Time’ and ‘Recovery Speed’ of the process. You can perform hassle free recovery of the password of your MS Excel spreadsheets. Moreover, you can download the free demo version of this software to analyze its features. The demo version of the tool shows the first three characters of the original password. For actual recovery of password, you have to purchase the license of the software, which bears a very reasonable cost.