If you need to find and remove duplicate files from your computer then +A Duplicate File Finder will help you to identify and delete those files. It's extremely accurate and it will guide you through the entire process. You can easily add different paths and folders to search for files such as Video, Pictures, Audio or whatever you may need. After the scan is done you will be able to select what files to keep and which ones to delete from a clear preview screen of the files affected. This makes sure that you always have the last say in what to do. The final step is to chose what ever to move, recycle or delete the files permanently. +A Duplicate File Finder uses a high degree of accuracy so you will only get files that are truly the same. You can even try it for free. - FAST and EASY to use! - Find and remove all duplicate files - Several different disposal options for the files affected - Extremely stable and modern software - Select the files based on size, attribute, type and such - Skip important directories and useful files - Easily set it to target Audio, Video, Picture or more from 11 existing settings - Find files in different paths with individual finding-options simultaneously - The inside guide will help you to make the best choices for your needs - A clear and comprehensive view of the program - Export TXT and HTML logs of what you have accomplished - Works on all Windows versions