Reverse cell phone searches However, such search engines do not yield or give you accurate results as they sometimes direct you to sites which are not updated hence the data there are already obsolete. Sometimes you'll end up with empty-handed as the data has already been deleted. If you really want to get accurate results try to use a certified reverse cell phone directory. The information kept by this directory is updated every now and then by private investigation companies maintaining the same. The information that you will receive from the data contributed by these different companies include among others the name of the owner of the number, his address and even criminal records or past convictions. In getting information from a cell phone number online, one must consider the accurateness of the data given by the source of the information. Do not be fooled by other sites promoted by advertisements and pop-ups. Be cautious about filling out "offers" online which claim to provide reverse phone search. Reverse Cell Phone Searches will give you instant access to: * Owner Information * Address History * Carrier Details * Location Details