Splash! is a battle field, where you must save white ball from its colored chasers. When you start a game you can see a white ball, a black ball, a grey ball and color balls that you can maneuver due to accelerometer. Color balls are instantly trying to collide with the white ball, so you must be careful and do not let them get too close. A player breaks color balls by touching them with fingertips. Due to multi-touch feature, player can pop the balls by dragging a fingertip across the screen. Game becomes more fascinating, when black ball appears, because player can't break it till it gets a color. If player touches a grey ball, all the rest color balls disappear at once. For every popped ball player gets some points, which open new levels. Speed of the balls increases with each new level. It makes game more fun and exiting. Integration with virtual gaming network OpenFeint allows player to share results with friends. The game is amazing due to its simplicity and addictiveness. Simple and clear graphics, easy and intuitive game rules, interactivity and fun - all these make the game take a special place among your favorite mobile phone applications.