The TMS Instrumentation Workshop is designed to visualize data typical for instrumentation control applications, implementing the new architecture and design methodology of Embarcadero?s latest framework: FireMonkey. The layout or style of a control is designed in a separate file which is then loaded from the component. The calculations and interactions are handled in the code of the component and are connected with the graphical elements described in the layout or style file. Feature overview: - Highly configurable components with separate customizable style - Support for Win32, Win64, MacOSX & iOS - TTMSFMXCircularGauge: circular gauge component with customizable divisions and subdivisions, support for setpoints, sections, extra needles - TTMSFMXLinearGauge: linear version of the circular gauge - TTMSFMXRotarySwitch: circular switch control with configurable number of positions - TTMSFMXKnobSwitch: circular switch control with configurable number of positions and LED indicators for on state for each position - TTMSFMXSpinner: smoothly animated spinner with customizable columns and datetime support, with look & feel of the iOS date/time selector - TTMSFMXSlider: stylable slider with animation - TTMSFMXLED: simple standalone LED control - TTMSFMXLEDBar: bar of LEDs with optionally different on/off colors per LED - TTMSFMXLEDMeter: smooth color transition LED meter with customizable colors and customizable number of steps - TTMSFMXLedScope: scope component consisting of a collection of LED meter channels - TTMSFMXClock: clock component - TTMSFMXCompass: compass component - TTMSFMXMatrixLabel: label with different text case formatting, different label sizes and colors - TTMSFMXScope: scope component with channel collection and customizable divisions, subdivisions and grid layout