eAssistance Pro provide instant chat services in the real life situation. It helps business organizations in maintaining regular interaction with buyers through live chat sessions. Online Chat software offer web based and standalone operator consoles for the website operator. Web based operator console can be accessed by visiting home page of eAssistance Pro software. Standalone Operator console must be installed on the operator computer for use. This online Chat software offer several plugins or codes that can be pasted on a website page. Each plugin consists of a link to open Visitor messenger Box. Buyers can visit the company website and send their queries and feedbacks as chats in the visitor messenger box. Online Chat software can be viewed on any platform i.e., MS Windows, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Apple Mac. It can also be accessed using Mobile Web browsers such as Android, Opera Mini, Safari, Firefox mobile and others. eAssistance Pro uses 256-bit encrypted security layer to protect ongoing chats from external persons. It includes geo mapping feature to track visitor?s geographical place and time. Online Chat software also allow Site administrator to block suspicious visitors from all chat processes. It save visitor messages in offline message folder of the operator chat account when operator is not online. eAssistance Pro also offer automatic spell checker and English dictionary to rectify spelling and word mistakes in the online chat message. It can be used on all eCommerce and CMS websites such as Drupal, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Ebay Pro Stores, Joomla, Zen Desk. This online chat software allows operator to change the font size, style and color of chat message in the operator account. It lets operator to resize the operator to operator console. You can add multiple operators and departments in the operator console by purchasing specific subscription plan. For more details: www.onlinechatsoftware.livewebchat.org