HsCipherSDK is an Encryption Library providing an API to a suite of symmetric key cryptographic algorithms and one way hash digital signature algorithms. The library includes the following block and stream cipher modules: * AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) - FIPS 197 * DES and Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) - FIPS-46-1, FIPS-46-3 * ARC4 (Alleged RC4) CAST-128 (a.k.a CAST5) - RFC 2144 * Blowfish algorithm * Twofish algorithm * MD5 message digest algorithm - RFC 1321 * SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) - RFC 3174 * SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm) - FIPS 180-2 * SHA-512 (Secure Hash Algorithm) - FIPS 180-2 * Whirlpool ISO/IEC 10118-3 HsCipherSDK includes s standard DLL for use from C / C++, standard DLL for use from Visual Basic or any other languthat can use the standard dll. HsCipherSDK includes C Sharp wrapper DLL for use from C Sharp applications. HsCipherSDK itself is fully written in C (plain C style) and the source code is included. HsCipherSDK allows the calling user application to perform the following operations: * Encrypt and decrypt memory buffers with selected algorithm and key * Encrypt and decrypt disk files with selected algorithm and key * Digitally sign buffers using one of selected hashing algorithms * Digitally sign disk files using one of selected hashing algorithms API SUMMARY: * HsCipherGetErrorStr * HsCipherHexBuf2Bin * HsCipherBufBin2Hex * HsCipherBufferEncrypt * HsCipherBufferDecrypt * HsCipherFileEncrypt * HsCipherFileDecrypt * HsCipherBufferHashInit * HsCipherHashNextBlock * HsCipherHashGetResult * HsCipherHashFullBuffer * HsCipherHashFile