It is an intelligent translation software. When you look at foreign language Web pages, it is useful. It is very easy to use. And it is freeware. I often view some foreign language Web pages, using IE browser. Some of the sentences or words, I did not understand. I need a quick and simple way to translate them. We have developed this software. In IE, using the mouse to select a sentence or Word you want to translate, translation of results will be displayed at once. We make it simple and easy as possible. It has a certain amount of intelligence. You don't have to select a source language. It will intelligently determine, determine your needs, select the language of the results that you need. It can support your settings, manually set the translation from any language to any language. It supports 16 languages directly translated to each other.Includes English, German, French, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian,Thai.