Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery is a comprehensive solution to recover passwords of WinRAR and WinZIP archives. The software is a blend of advanced, user-friendly options to make sure you require minimum time and effort to unlock your password-protected RAR or ZIP file. It uses a technique known as 'Brute-force attack' to carry out a rigorous search for the lost password. Using this method, the software forms all possible combinations of characters and tries to get the exact keyword that matches your password. This software provides a reliable platform to crack any RAR or ZIP password and easily rescue all your important data stored in the encrypted archive file. It incorporates a dynamic dictionary that stores all the recovered archive passwords. This dictionary is searched each time when the software is run before executing brute-force attack. If the password is found in the dictionary, you do not require going through the normal recovery procedure. Using advanced masking techniques, you can further simplify the password search process. You can provide a few starting characters of your password or replace the unknown characters in the password with a '?' symbol. In addition, you have the choice to provide minimum and maximum length of your password. This indeed paves the way for a precise and accurate password recovery. Furthermore, you can choose to customize your password search by providing a possible character set for recovery. With Stellar Phoenix Archive Password Recovery, you can easily break the encryption on your '.RAR' or '.ZIP' file. During the process, the software displays a dynamic process dialog that gives the recovery status and shows a process summary at the end to provide a glimpse of the activities performed by the software. The user interface of this tool is specially designed to offer ease-of-use and high consistency. Each step is accompanied by appropriate instructions to make the overall process a snap for the end users.