Digital picture recovery software revives all missing snaps, images and video clippings from degraded digital storage media. Digital photograph retrieval utility provides thumbnail preview of the retrieved data before actual recovery process and save data at safe location on Windows hard disk. Digital images revival program rescues photographs from personal digital assistant (PDA), mp3/mp4 players, mobile communicators, secure digital card (SD), extreme digital card (XD), smart media, multimedia memory card (MMC), compact flash card, USB removable media, external hard disk, memory cards, pen drive, memory stick, jump drive and other supportive flash media devices. Digital photo recovery software facilitates user to restore all deleted image files like jpg, jpeg, gif, riff and many more file formats. Digital snap retrieval tool recovers deleted images that lost due to purposely deletion, virus attacks, threats, power failure, system logical faults or any other reasons related to software/hardware. Digital image rescue software retrieves missing pictures even snapshot has been erased due to factory setting reset, degraded boot sectors (root directory, DOS boot record and master boot record) or any logical errors. Digital photos retrieval software works with all major hard disks brands like Maxtor, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Olympus and other supportive manufacturers. Digital pictures recovery software supports Windows operating systems including Windows 7, ME, 98, NT, XP, Vista, 2000 and 2003. Features:- * Digital picture recovery software revives lost images from corrupted digital storage media. * Digital photograph backup tool ensures that the quality of the pictures will not degrade after the restoration process. * Digital image revival program recovers deleted data even if ?Drive not formatted? message is displayed on your pc. * Digital snap retrieval application provides user friendly interface so that users can easily install & operate it.