+A Multiple Page Rank Checker is built to check large lists of websites for Page Rank. It can also verify the list and tell you if the PR is real or fake. You can use HTTP proxy support, query limitation or our own PHP proxy to keep you from getting banned by Google. This program has been massively tested and tweaked to make sure that you have a stable and functional PageRank Checker. It also has support for performing multiple PageRank queries. You can load Text or CSV files into the software and you will be able to save the results in several different ways. You can save the results to one file (Text or CSV) or to a bunch of different ones separated by the Page Rank of the URL's checked. - Check URL's for Page Rank - Find out if the Page Rank is fake or real - Stay safe even without proxies by compromising on the speed - HTTP proxys with support for user:pass@proxy - Support for domain names from other countries - Filter out URL's which contains strings that you specify - Comprehensive statistics - Load both TXT and CSV files - Intelligent organization of the result-files - Simply the best and most powerful multiple page rank check in existance