New episode of the most popular strip poker simulator. This time, You can play with 8 gorgeous girls. They all have a lot charm and a lot of clothes to play for. But it will take a lot of poker skills to play win with them. Each girl has her own, unique playing style, some do often bluff, even with nothing on their hand, some like to play rough and go with high bets, but some will not play without at least a full on hand. This time You can choose between two different poker types: a classic poker as in previous games and, what is completely new, the Texas Hold'em. Texas Hold'em is now the most popular poker, which is why it couldn't be omitted in our game. Playing this type of poker gives You much more instruments to evaluate Your situation, than in classic poker, what makes the game more dependant on Your decision and less random. Strip Poker Exclusive 3 has a completely new graphics and music. Apart from the big changes, many minor improvements have been introduced, making the game even more attractive. Please, visit our shop!