Some of the awful consequences of propsys.dll error are windows installation error, obscure system error, slow Pc performance, ActiveX error, system fails to boot, Pc terminates without notification and many more. Such consequences are quite annoying and can not be tolerated for long time. Thus you need to look for means to eradicate this error problem from the compromised system. But before you resolve the error issue it is required to find out the causes responsible for it. Propsys.dll error is caused mainly when dll file is found missing or corrupt in Pc. Thus to fix the error problem you need to repair registry as all files and folder entries and information are stored in registry. It is quite difficult to manually repair the entire registry as it requires adequate technical skills and DLL file knowledge. So instead of repairing the registry manually make use of Automatic Registry Repair tool. This tool performs clean and safe repairing of registry without affecting any other stored file or data. For more info: