iDemso Kool Chat Scripts - What Is Kool Chat Script? The Kool Chat Script Rooms - Kool Chat Script is a browser based 'Virtual World' where users can design their own avatar character, create their own private rooms, explore the virtual world by moving their characters around, real-time chat and interact with other Kool Chat users. Feautures: World Environment - Users can explore multiple environments including The Beach, The Club, The Coffee Bar, The Park and The Alley (additional public rooms can be created by admin users, there are no limits on the amount of additional rooms that can be created). Avatar Creator - Fully customisable avatars. Users can choose hair styles, skin colors, eyes, tops, bottoms, accessories and much more! Virtual Shop - The Avatar Chat includes its own virtual shop where users can exchange credits for avatar items, private room backgrounds, etc. Members can purchase additional credits via Paypal Admins can add/edit/delete shop items, set individual prices for each shop item, set items as 'featured' (featured items appear first in the shop listings) and much more! Credits System - Users can earn credits by doing activities, Logging into the Avatar Chat daily. Referring their friends. Visiting members profiles daily. Sending Hearts, Thumbs Up and Stars to other users. Users can also transfer their credits to other members. Installation Wizard - Installation made easy! Installs in seconds by following the simple on-screen instructions. Admin Control Panel - Full admin control panel gives you complete control for editing/monitoring activities within the Avatar Chat. Admins can also assign moderator logins with limited access for when an admin is not available.