Download Mac monitoring tool that acts as personal spy on your Macintosh installed computer machine by consistently tracking removable USB media attaching or removal instance and records complete activities performed including media files played from pen drive device, files moved from USB media to computer memory, data copied from system storage to removable drives with files name and memory location. Powerful and efficient mac osx keylogger utility provides user facility to record secondary user activities on computer machine and generates password protected log files preventing unauthorized access of other user to software created log and monitoring settings. Advanced keylogger mac tool executes in unidentifiable mode on Mac computer machine and records emails composed, internet page browsing history, chat conversations, folders navigated, media or document files accessed, games played and other activities in absence. Professional Mac monitoring software provides system owner absolute details of work done on computer by periodically capturing screenshot of monitored screen showing exact status of movies played, video chat happenings, document pages etc. Easy to access monitoring software for mac provides user finest and simplest interface for observing system activities by providing complete graphical help guide and context menu support throughout installation, settings configuration. Features: * Keylogger osx software generates system usage log details in easily understandable HTML format. * Freeware keylogger for mac records system activities like mails composed, files and folders accessed. * Mac os x keylogger software captures cyclic system screenshots showing exact status of work done. * Spyware for mac generates log guarded with password preventing unauthorized user access.