A lasting dream of human beings is to reverse or at least postpone aging. What about nutrition in the prevention of aging? “Anti-aging” searches mainly deal with recommended foods for anti-agingLearn how to slow done the aging process as well as staying fit and healthy well into your old age. Simple and easy to follow changes to your lifestyle will enable you to reach your old age fit, healthy and raring for more of what life has to offer. The secret of long life and good health cannot be put down to one product or practice; it is getting a combination of factors correct. Each individual, however, can help slow down his own aging. Life expectancy is misunderstood term. It is a term used to describe the anticipated average age at the time of death. In modern life, life expectancy has been reported to “markedly increase” in most developed countries in the last century, from about 45 years at the beginning of the 20th Century to about 77 years today.