Christmas is since long over but Santa has done a really sloppy job and almost none of the Christmas gifts have reached their destination. Instead their lying scattered all over the place. It's now up to Harold the Homeboy to tidy up the mess before all the little children start crying! As usual, Harold wants to do a really fancy job and rack up some great points to impress his friends. Harold's Hills is about riding a toboggan. Fast. And about delivering presents. Many. The more presents that Harold is carrying and the more presents he delivers, the faster his toboggan will go. It's also quite important to stay away from trees and stones as these will cause poor Harold to crash. To pick up presents, just steer the toboggan over them and Harold will put them behind him on the toboggan. In order to make a delivery, simply ride over any of the small houses that are scattered around the hill. The location of the houses will be indicated by blue arrows and hitting a house will cause Harold to not only deliver the presents, but also to make a stylish jump, flying down along the hill. There's some tricks and strategies that you can use to your advantage but you'll learn quickly as you play. Play for as long as you can and stack up on those points! There are many highscore lists to climb, can you win them all? Good luck!