Do you want to monitor your employees when you are not in organization or save your children online activities? Keylogger software is only one solution for this problem. Keystroke recorder application record all typed keyboard character and you can identify your spouse activities from password protected log file. Computer surveillance tool secretly store all typed text of windows documents (Notepad, Word, WordPad etc), email body, chat conversation (using any chat messenger including ICQ, Yahoo and Google Talk) and facilitate to crack login name and password of other user. Software save all character that includes special character, upper and lower case alphabets, numbers, function keys, special keys like Ctrl, Space, Shift, Tab etc in total invisible mode and support all international keyboard. Remote monitoring application automatically send log file at user specified email address at certain interval of time. Keystroke logger software can hide itself from all windows application like task manager, control panel, add remove program etc and undetectable from all antivirus and anti Keylogger software. Program runs in hidden mode at desktop background and not degrades system performance. Remote surveillance tool is totally invisible to other people who are not aware that their computer activity is monitored. Professional Keylogger software features: * Secretly store other user activities performing at your computer in your absence. * Restore the text which was typed yesterday, the day before yesterday or one week ago. * Intercept all keystrokes (international keyboards are supported) and system logon passwords. * Crack your spouse email and password, analyze children?s online activities their chat discussion. * Working in complete stealth mode and send log details to specific address. * Captures keystrokes as they are typed on the computer with date and time. * Support all Microsoft windows operating system from 98 to Vista.