Ozeki VoIP SIP .Net SDK source implementation for developing C# voice conference room. Introduce Ozeki SIP SDK to deliver the best sound quality with impressive microphone range & to ensure loud and clear conference calls via any telephone worldwide. Participants can join to the conferencing by dialing the number and enter the pass code received from the call conference room service provider. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK supports multiple phone lines. The user interface of the sample program is based on Microsoft Windows Forms technology. It provides the option for making conference calls by mixing the audio data arriving from remote end (the audio data is mixed to be a single one). Immediate information sharing or discussion is guaranteed almost the same way like a face to face meeting. The program automatically tries to register in the SIP PBX that has been defined in the source code, via the specified SIP account right after it has been started. With Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK further important features can be added like playing back previously recorded conferences, organizing and inviting participants or recording the calls. It is compatible with most PBX systems such as Cisco UM, 3CX Phone System or Asterisk PBX. Ozeki SIP SDK ensures the efficient work with almost all online VoIP service providers like VoIPtalk, Skype Connect, Callcentric, etc. Due to the voice conference feature there can be a real-time voice conversation between three or more people. The voice conversation recording feature ensures the recording of a conversation in wave (.wav) file format so it can be replayed during the conversation or at other occasions. Excellent sound quality is ensured by the extended codec support: G.711 aLaw/uLaw, G.729, iLBC, GSM, G.722, SPEEX, SPEEX-WB. After Ozeki SIP SDK .Net license has been purchased you can feely use the license with your product and may freely distribute your product in as many copies as you want and no royalties or license fees are needed to be paid for Ozeki